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Compatible avec les appareils Android et iOS; Facilement accessible depuis n' importe quel navigateur; WhatsApp, SMS, journal d'appels, GPS et 25 autres.

Si tu voulais que le view controller soit delegate pour le view, tu pourrais connecter du view vers le File's Owner en choisissant le delegate property. Désormais, tu peut utiliser le code suivant pour créer le view controller et son view au même moment.

Merci pour cette explication. Depuis Xcode 5 donc aussi la version Il ne reste qu'une question - pourquoi? C'est vraiment du boulot. Pas du tout! Xode 6 libère de cette corvée des. Pourquoi avoir des. Pardon, j'ai manqué une étape. Et avant qu'on me dise, "ben bien sure faut mettre un nom pour ta classe" Merci pour ton aide. On peut faire le même projet XIB avec Xcode 6 mais, actuellement, il faudrait supprimer le storyboard, et modifier le info.

Après tout, ce n'est qu'un beta. Toggle navigation. Catégories Discussions Connexion. Ola Jerome thanks for your replay. You don't have to excuse for anything. Anyone of us, i think, have to work hard and time is always short. I want to thank you for your words. As soon as possible I will try to open a project at cakeforge, with the current version of authake i own with little modification i have made.

As I have said above unfortunately i have no much time and for sure I would have pleasure to have jim as a contributor to the project. Jim I have seen your e-mail. I will replay to you as soon as possible to define the details. Thanks to all. Hi Jerome, before some weeks I have downloaded the linked package for Authake. Under 1. Also there are some bugs in the update method. It can happen that you fire the admin from Administration group this should be cached. The encoding method for the password only md5 isn't state of the art. I have seen that you have opened a project at CakePHP but it's complete empty.

So my question is: Did you still push the Authake Plugin or is it fall in desuetude. Im willing to share my modifications. But I think it's necessary to do this in the project.

Accéder à l'instance d'un Viewcontroller depuis un autre dans swift

Regards Thomas. I tried to change the routes. Sorry but authake and cake are very far from me now! Reuse and improve as you think it's better. If you need access to the cakeforge project I opened, maybe we can manage that with the bakery team.

Xcode empty application root view controller

Aller au contenu principal. A propos du Cri Contact. State of art Authake is ready for debug, and many aspects need to be improved. For hackers HABTM relations saving should be inspected. Authake provide a simple profile for users login, email, password. And more! Requirements Before anything, read Marco's tutorial on the Bakery or here on its blog , it's 10 min. Authake is intended to work on the last 1.

I use the last SVN, but sometimes apply patches from Trac. Maybe some coding styles could improve the stability No support provided here regarding CakePHP installation problems. Install Download the last Authake version. Extract it. You will have a authake-app folder. Rename it to app and move it in your cake installation. You might rename the tables later if needed. You might change it later.

It should be a full working application hope! How does it work User and groups The user and group model is quite simple. If the rule fails the check: If the user is not logged, we propose to login then forward to previous failed action.

Ios application root view controller

It should be only allowed to specific users. Users, Groups, Rules controllers control the pages to list, view, edit and add related elements. UserController regroups all actions and views that all users can access register, confirm registration, login, retrieve password, etc. Authak3 enables views to get some information regarding the authentication system user logged, its groups, isAllowed, etc. The name Authak3 is strange: it seems Cake forbids to have a helper called like an installed plugin.

How to replace the root view controller on a navigation controller in Xcode4

Others elements Some other files are more or less part of Authake. Changelog v1. Avoid to gain administrator level. Possible to set a specific flash message for the rule that denies the access. New session timeout feature.

La bonne façon de partager l'état entre les contrôleurs de vue Swift

Allow to have an illimited cake session, and then choose the application session timeout. First release feb 12, I don't work with Windows so difficult for me to test that. Read you, Jerome. Hello, thanks for the great work. Well, I found bugs Corrected, thanks.

See changelog. So now it should be ok.

Try to re-import the authake. Hi our congratulations due to Permalien Soumis par david b. Hi our congratulations due to you nice work! Same error in Permalien Soumis par david b. DSKR: No idea at all DSKR: I had the same problem. You need version 1. It won't work with version 1. Thank you in advance. Hi Marcio, Thanks for your comments. I see today that the beta is still dated of "2nd of january", maybe I was true to left few months ago : Cheers, Jerome ps: the code is GPL, so feel free, and don't forget credits ;. That's a shame that you left, the project seemed pretty promising.